Sandbag Leg exercises

The leg and the gluteal muscles are often trained together and thus form a large proportion of the total musculature. With the Sandbag you bring new variety to your leg workouts.

Lunge Front

The Sandbag exercise Lunge Front activates the thigh muscles on a very high level because of the additional weight coming from the Sandbag.

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Lunge Overhead

The Sandbag exercise Lunge Overhead is an intensive exercise for the supporting muscles. The back-extensor is activated because of the high load on the back muscles resulting from the weight of the Sandbag.

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Lunge and Swing

The Sandbag exercise Lunge and Swing is a dynamic exercise which strengthens all core muscles. The movement is initiated by the thigh muscles.

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This Sandbag exercise Lunge has a high load on the thigh muscles because of the additional weight coming from the Sandbag.

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The Sandbag exercise Lift is a complex exercise for the whole body. You mainly work on the thigh back, shoulder muscles and all the back muscles.

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Lift and Drop

In the Sandbag exercise Lift and Drop you first put the Sandbag on your shoulder and then drop it off behind yourself.

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