Suspension Trainer

Gymbox Suspension Trainer Functions

The functions of the Gymbox are highly innovative The straps of the Gymbox can be completely rolled-up and –out. The roll-up and braking system is patent-registered. if not in use the straps of the Gymbox disappear completely in its box. The straps always remain in... read more

Gymbox mounting with the Fischer kit

Mounting advice – Quick Guide   Be sure to read the detailed information on the exact procedure for different masonry. For this please refer to the enclosed assembly instructions in the mounting kit.   Create drill holes depending on masonry with... read more

Gymbox Suspension Trainer mobile

 Gymbox Suspension Trainer Mobile: Suspension Trainer in a 10x10x8cm small box As safe asa car safety belt Fast and easy length adjustment by pressing a button. Marks for wokrout guidance. InnovativeSuspension Trainerwithretractablestrap system. By pressing the... read more

Suspension Training in Gyms

Gymbox is the ideal Suspension Trainer for Gyms! Your benefits: fixed installation of the Gymbox e.g. at frames, at walls or suspension devices – incl. anti-theft system simple handling adjust the lenght of the straps by pressing the X-Button enables effective... read more


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