It’s about more than just training!

Surely some of us will be labeled as “crazy” when we say that we want to build the best functional training products in the world. But why should our claim be lower?
To be honest, I personally no longer feel like the cheap products from China from 12 to noon. I know many exercisers who feel the same way. Of course, quality costs in the end 2 € more and I also like to make a bargain.
But whoever buys cheap, also buys 2 times! The dilemma is only that even very large brands meanwhile offer really bad quality at a low price. If my shoe expires after 3 months and looks like Harry, it has nothing to do with a branded product in its original sense.
Behind this core question, I see our gap in the market: Why are not things being built to be reasonable and perform better than the standard? That’s exactly what we aim for in GYMBOX products.

Ok, but what does “best” exercise equipment in the world mean?

Of course, the best exercise equipment depends on the objective. We want to focus on functional training.
The most important thing is to make training more effective in achieving goals faster.
This is the most important point and is determined by the factors:

A) Very good quality, so that the products last a long time and look good. Above all, the core function must not let up.

B) Innovative solutions that can make training more varied or more intensive.

This is how we reach our destination! At GYMBOX we rely on experience and much feedback from our customers and partners. We are constantly working to make all products better. We observe the market and the exercisers. Often, improvements or ideas can be observed in foreign markets such as the US and then adapted to the German market.

The products of GYMBOX:

Under this brand, there are currently 4 products that can be used to make effective functional training. You can distinguish between the sand products: Sandbax, Smashbell, sand pad and the GYMBOX sling trainer. All products are very innovative and make the functional training more effective. Better handling, minor modifications and other shapes than standard products distinguish our products.


An innovative product is only half the battle, the other half is the knowledge of the training possibilities. Our GYMBOX TEAM consists of experts from different industries and sports. This fills the portfolio of training opportunities and can be made available to the GYMBOX user. The small innovative improvements, such as The first ball dumbbell made of fabric allow undreamt of training variety, as it is actually a mixture of medicine ball and ball dumbbell.  

For further information you can also contact us or take part in an event.