Sandbag Core exercises

The Sandbag is the ideal training tool for a complete core workout. Especially the many rotations work out the abdominal and back muscles which define the core.

Around the body

The Sandbag exercise Around the Body mainly strengthens the core muscles. You mainly train the lateral abdominal and back muscles, because of the circular movement around the body.

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Around the head

The Sandbag exercise Around the head focuses mainly on the shoulder girdle. It improves the mobility in the shoulder, because of the circular movement of the Sandbag.

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Push-up Slide

The Sandbag exercise Push-up Slide mainly trains the supporting muscles of the body. Additionally you strengthen your shoulder while dynamically pulling and isometrically leaning on the Sandbag.

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Lunge and Swing

The Sandbag exercise Lunge and Swing is a dynamic exercise which strengthens all core muscles. The movement is initiated by the thigh muscles.

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