One Arm Chest Press with the Smashbell

  • Degree of Difficulty 60% 60%

Kettlebellübung Chest Press Easy Chest Exercise with a Great Effect

Short Description
  1. Aufrechter Stand, Beine zusammen, Smashbell mit einer Hand vor dem Körper halten.
  2. Ein Bein nach hinten strecken. Körper und gestrecktes Bein sind parallel zum Boden. Smashbell wird in Richtung Boden abgesenkt.
  3. Bein zurück zum Boden bringen, gleichzeitig Körper aufrichten und Smashbell nach oben ziehen.
Long Description
  1. Lay on the back. Bend the knees slightly to help keep the lower back pressed against the floor so that it lays flat on the floor.
  2. One arm is stretched to the side away from the body. The training arm is set with the upperarm close to the body. The Smashbell is held in an approximately 90° angle.
  3. While exhaling, the arm with the Smashbell is extended. The chest muscles are kept tight and ensure that the Smashbell stays balanced in the palm of the hand during the movement.
  4. While inhaling the arm is slowly brought back to the starting position. The Smashbell is continually balanced on the palm of the hand.
The closer the free arm is laid to the body, the more difficult it is to balance the Smashbell on the palm of the hand and the exercise becomes more demanding.
Additional exercise instructions

The kettlebell exercise Instabile Chest Press is done with one arm, and despite its simple execution it still has a great effect on the chest muscles. It uses the muscles together and promotes muscle coordination.

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