Kettlebell chest exercises

Kettlebell training for the chest with the Gymbox Smashbell. Train your chest muscles directly and effectively with the innovative kettlebell made of fabric.

One Arm Fly Side

Through the lateral movement of the arm with the Smashbell, the exercise One Arm Fly trains the chest muscles along with the shoulders. Through the execution, the core muscles are engaged and the chest muscles stretched.

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Chest Press Rotate Rowing

The kettlebell exercise Chest Press Rotate Rowing combines push-ups and the Reverse Fly in a challenging exercise for the chest and shoulders.

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Chest Press Weighted

The kettlebell exercise Chest Press Weighted is a push-up done with the Smashbell used as additional weight to increase the strength of the chest muscles.

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Push-up Side-to-Side

With the kettlebell exercise Push-up Side-to-Side, the position of the Smashbell is switched from one hand to the other to dynamically train the chest muscles.

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Instabile Chest Press

The kettlebell exercise Instabile Chest Press is done with one arm, and despite its simple execution it still has a great effect on the chest muscles. It uses the muscles together and promotes muscle coordination.

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Push-up One Arm

With the Kettlebell exercise Push-Up One Arm an arm is supported on the kettlebell in order to perform the push-up. This leads to increased transformation of the chest muscles.

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