Biceps-Curl with the Smashbell

  • Degree of Difficulty 60% 60%

Kettlebellübung für den BizepsKettlebell Exercise for the Biceps

Short Description
  1. Keep body straight. Arm with the Smashbell kept extended at the side.
  2. Bend the arm and bring the Smashbell in front of the chest.
  3. Extend the arm again to come back to the starting position. The tension in the arm is never completely lost.
Long Description
  1. The arm is extended loosley next to the body in the starting position. The legs are separated at about hips width, the stand should be stable. The body creates a line from the feet to the head. The eyes are kept looking forward. The free arm can be supported on the side or placed bent behind the back.
  2. During exhalation the arm is bended in the elbow, so that the forearm is lifted up to the chest. The arm should be maximally bent in oder to use the biceps completely.  The upperarm stays close to the body and does not change its position.
  3. During inhalation the biceps relax slowly. The forearm goes back to the starting position. There should always be some tension held in the bicep muscle, even when the forearm is at its lowest position.
Keep your upper arm and elbow in one position. Maintain tension in the arm during the entire exercise.
Additional exercise instructions

The Bicep-Curl with the Smashbell is a classic exercise for the arms. It trains mostly the biceps and makes for well-shaped bicep muscles.

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