Kettlebell arms exercises

Kettlebell exercises for the arms are very comfortable with the Gymbox Smashbell and easy to perform. Train your biceps and triceps with the kettlebell made of fabric.

Triceps Push One Arm

The kettlebell exercise Triceps Push with the Arm trains primarily the triceps. The triceps are supported on a kettlebell and carry most of the body weight.

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Push-up One Arm Leg

The push-up with one hand on the Kettlebell is a dynamic exercise. The buttocks muscles are also trained through the addition of the outstretched leg.

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Biceps One Arm

The Bicep-Curl with the Smashbell is a classic exercise for the arms. It trains mostly the biceps and makes for well-shaped bicep muscles.

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One Arm Overhead

The One Arm Overhead with the Smashbell is used primarily to train the triceps. Through the one sided execution of the exercise, however, you will also train body balance and the deeper muscles to improve body tension.

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Bent Over Rowing

Bent over rowing with the Smashbell trains the biceps as well as the upper back and the back of the shoulder.

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Double Overhead

The kettlebell exercise, Double Overhead with the Smashbell, trains especially the triceps. This simple arm exercise with the Smashbell can also be done easily at home.

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