Chest Press with Side Rotation with the Smashbell

  • Degree of Difficulty 90% 90%

Kettlebellübung Chest Press Rotate Rowing
Push-up with Reverse Fly

Short Description
  1. Body in push-up position. One hand is placed on the Smashbell.
  2. Bend arms and bring chest close to the floor.
  3. Extend the arm with the Smashbell upwards, the other arm stays extended at the same time.
  4. The smashbell with the extended arm is brought back to the starting position.
Long Description
  1. The body begins in the push-up starting position. One hand is placed on the floor and the other on the Smashbell. Both arms are extended and the body forms a line from the head to the feet. A less advanced option is to leave your knees on the ground so that the line formed is from the head to the knees.
  2. While inhaling the arm bends at the elbow joint, the chest or nose are brought close to the ground. The rest of the body forms a line, be sure to take care that the buttocks doesn’t drop and that the lower back stays hollow and rounded
  3. While exhaling the hand with the smashbell is lifted off the ground and brought upwards extended. At the same time, the other arm is extended, so that the body is completely open to the side. The left and right arm form a line.
  4. The arm without the Smashbell stays extended while the arm with the Smashbell slowly lowers extended, in a bow shape, to the ground.
The buttocks should form a line with the knees and shoulders and shouldn’t break it. While lifting the Smashbell, pull the shoulder blades together.  As best as possible, do not exceed the open angle of 180°.
Additional exercise instructions

The kettlebell exercise Chest Press Rotate Rowing combines push-ups and the Reverse Fly in a challenging exercise for the chest and shoulders.

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