Sand-Pad Exercises

The Sand-Pad is an innovative training weight in the form of a sand-filled cushion. Especially good training for the gripping force.


The Sand-Pad exercise Crunch is a typical exercise to train the abdominal muscles. The higher the weight of the Sand-Pad, the higher the tension in the abdominal muscles.

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Recrunch Slide

In the Sand-Pad exercise Recrunch Slide you use the Sand-Pad as a slide on a smooth floor. Because of the bending and stretching of the legs in the push-up position, this exercise activates many core muscles. While bending the legs the abdominal muscles, the hip flexors and thigh muscles are activated.

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Overhead Lift

The Sand-Pad exercise Overhead Lift is a typical exercise to train the shoulder muscles. While extending the arms over the head, you train mainly the front part of the shoulder muscles.

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One Arm Row

The Sand-Pad exercise One Arm Row strengthens the biceps and the upper back muscles. The athlete is standing during this exercise and therefore the core muscles need to stabilize the body all the time.

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In the Sand-Pad exercise Sit-up you use the Sand-Pad as an additional weight. The difficulty raises when you hold the Pad with your arms extended.

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In the Sand-Pad exercise Rotation you turn the Sand-Pad from side to side. This exercise improves your abdominal muscles in a very effective way.

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