Shoulderpress with the Sand-Pad

  • Degree of Difficulty 30% 30%

Sand-Pad Schulterdrücken Sand-Pad shoulder-press

Short Description
  1. Upright stand. Hold the Sand-Pad in front of your chest.
  2. Extend your arms and move the Sand-Pad above your head.
  3. Bent your arms and bring the Sand-Pad back to your chest again.
Long Description
  1. Stand upright and stable. Your feet should be hip- to shoulder-wide apart to maintain a stable stand. Your upper body is in a straight position. Your arms hold the Sand-Pad in front of your chest and your arms are close the body and bent maximally.
  2. Extend your arms over your head and pull your shoulderblades down and together. The whole body stays under tension.
  3. Bent your arms again and move the Sand-Pad controlled and slowly to it’s initial position.
Try to pull your shoulderblades together in order to control your shoulder movement.
Additional exercise instructions

The Sand-Pad exercise Overhead Lift is a typical exercise to train the shoulder muscles. While extending the arms over the head, you train mainly the front part of the shoulder muscles.

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Butterfly Reverse belongs to the most elemental exercises for the shoulder training. A fixed and anti-slide stand is the basic requirement. Minimal changes in the inclination angle cause great differences in the load of the exercise.
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