Shoulder exercises

Sand-Pad exercises for the shoulder. Many kettlebell and medicin ball exercises can be perform with the sand-filled pillows. The Sand-Pad is ideal for exercises that involve pushing and throwing.

Overhead Lift

The Sand-Pad exercise Overhead Lift is a typical exercise to train the shoulder muscles. While extending the arms over the head, you train mainly the front part of the shoulder muscles.

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One Arm Lift

The Sand-Pad exercise One Arm Lift is a typical exercise to train the shoulder muscles. Work more on the front side to improve your front shoulder muscles or train on the back side to improve the back parts of the deltoids.

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Squat-up Front Lift

The Sand-Pad exercise Squat-up Front Lift is a combination of a squat and a Front Lift. In contrast to the “Swing” not the hip-drive is responsible for the weight raising, but the shoulder muscles.

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Squat Front

The Sand-Pad exercise Squat Front does not only improve your leg muscles, but also increases strength in your shoulders while raising the arms.

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