Drag the Sandbag from Side to Side

  • Degree of Difficulty 60% 60%

Liegestütz mit ziehen des Sandbags Pull Sandbag under your body

Short Description
  1. Push-up position on one arm. Lay down the Sandbag on the side of the supporting arm.
  2. Pull the Sandbag under your body to the other side, with the non-supporting arm.
  3. Repeat the exercise in the other direction.
Long Description
  1. The initial phase starts in the push-up position. Your feet are close together and your head, back and legs are in one line. You look on the floor. Place the Sandbag next to your supporting arm on the floor. You rest on the floor with one hand only. The other arm is in the air.
  2. Grab the Sandbag with your free hand at the loop and pull it under your body as far as possible to the other side. The arm moves semicircular and extends to the maximum.
  3. The arm pulling the Sandbag becomes now the supporting arm. The other arm grabs the Sandbag and repeats the movement to the other side.
Keep your body tension. Pull the Sandbag in one line to the other side.
Additional exercise instructions

The Sandbag exercise Push-up Slide mainly trains the supporting muscles of the body. Additionally you strengthen your shoulder while dynamically pulling and isometrically leaning on the Sandbag.

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Around the body

The Sandbag exercise Around the Body mainly strengthens the core muscles. You mainly train the lateral abdominal and back muscles, because of the circular movement around the body.

Around the head

The Sandbag exercise Around the head focuses mainly on the shoulder girdle. It improves the mobility in the shoulder, because of the circular movement of the Sandbag.

Shoulder Lift

The Sandbag exercise Shoulder Lift is a classic exercise for the shoulder muscles. The lifting of the Sandbag over the head leads to a high load of the anterior shoulder muscles.

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The Sandbag exercise Lunge and Swing is a dynamic exercise which strengthens all core muscles. The movement is initiated by the thigh muscles.


The Sandbag exercise Lift is a complex exercise for the whole body. You mainly work on the thigh back, shoulder muscles and all the back muscles.