Around the Head with the Sandbag

  • Degree of Difficulty 60% 60%

Sandbag Oberkörperrotation Rotate the Sandbag around your head

Short Description
  1. Hold the Sandbag behind your head. Your back is in a straight position.
  2. Rotate the Sandbag in the shoulder girdle around your head.
  3. Repeat the exercise in the other direction.
Long Description
  1. Grab the Sandbag at the loops and move it with bent arms behind your head. Your feet are shoulder-wide and the toes are pointing to the front. Your body is in an upright position and from feet to head in one line.
  2. Rotate the Sandbag with your arms from the forehead over the ears to the back of the head. Always try to look forward. Pull together your shoulderblades. The rotation does only take place in the shoulder joints.
  3. Rotate the Sandbag in both directions.
Keep your back in a straight position. You need to look to the front for the whole exercise.
Additional exercise instructions

The Sandbag exercise Around the head focuses mainly on the shoulder girdle. It improves the mobility in the shoulder, because of the circular movement of the Sandbag.

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