Arm exercises

Here you can find arm exercises with the Sand-Pad. The Sand-Pad training for arms trains biceps, triceps and forearms. Some exercises additionally work out the upper back or chest.

One Arm Lift to Shoulder

The Sand-Pad exercise “One Arm Lift to Shoulder” affects many different joints. Muscles of the back, legs, arms and shoulders are activated in the exercise.

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The Biceps-Curl with the Sand-Pad is a typical exercise for your arms. It improves mainly the strength in the arm flexors and provides a defined structure of your biceps.

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Triceps Press

The exercise Triceps Press trains mainly your triceps. This simple exercise for your arms with the Sand-Pad is very effective.

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Push-up close

For the Sand-Pad exercise Push-up Close your arms are positioned with the hands close together on the Sand-Pad. The closer the arms are, the more the triceps is trained. The Sand-Pad also protects the wrists, because the hands are not overstretched.

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