Chest exercises

Exercises for the chest with the Gymbox Sand-Pad. Train your chest muscles directly and effectively with the innovative sand-filled pillows.

Push-up Wide Lift

In the the Sand-Pad exercise Push-up wide Lift one hand is placed on the Sand-Pad. Because of that, the musculus serratus anterior is more activated than in normal push-up. The raising of the Sand-Pad also provides a strengthening of the upper back muscles.

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Push-up wide

In the Sand-Pad exercise Push-up wide you are leaning alternately with the left and the right arm on the Sand-Pad. These Push-ups are very effective for the chest muscles and the musculus serratus anterior.

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Flypress Static

The Sand-Pad exercise Flypress static is an isometric exercise to strengthen the chest muscles. While pressing the Sand-Pad, the chest muscles are under high tension.

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Push-up close

For the Sand-Pad exercise Push-up Close your arms are positioned with the hands close together on the Sand-Pad. The closer the arms are, the more the triceps is trained. The Sand-Pad also protects the wrists, because the hands are not overstretched.

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