Kettlebell exercises abs

Kettlebell Training for the abs with the Gymbox Suspension Trainer. Train the abdomen with classic sit-ups and crunches or with rotation exercises for the oblique abdominal muscles and the entire core area.

Mountain Climbers

With the exercise Mountain Climbers, the Smashbell is used as a point of support. This exercise is excellent for any warm-up.

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Siderotation Legs Weighted

The kettlebell exercise with side leg rotation trains primarily the oblique abdominals and, through squeezing the Smashbell, the adductors (inner thighs).

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Twist Drop Side-to-Side

The kettebell exercise Twist Drop strengthens the whole trunk muscles and and primarily the oblique abdominals. The Twist Drop is a very dynamic exercise which is also suitable as a warm-up program.

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Sidestaby Dynamic

The exercise Sidestaby Dynamic trains the whole trunk muscles and especially the side stomach muscles.

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The kettlebell exercise Sit-up is the king of the ab exercises and strengthens not only the stomach muscles but the hip flexors as well.

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