Sand-Pad Smashing

  • Degree of Difficulty 60% 60%

Sand-pad Übung Smash
Smash Sand-Pad to the floor

Short Description
  1. Hold the Sand-Pad above your head.
  2. Smash the Sand-Pad on the floor.
  3. Pick up the Sand-Pad and raise it above your head again.
Long Description
  1. Take the Sand-Pad with both hands and raise it above your head. The whole body should be extended and in one line. For a safe and balanced stand put the feet in a stable position. Fix a point on the floor with your eyes.
  2. Tense your whole body and mainly the abdominal muscles. Bent your trunk and smash the Sand-Pad on the fixed point on the floor. Try to keep your back in a straight position.
  3. With bent legs and a straight lower back pick up the Sand-Pad again and raise it above your head.
Prevent injuries by keeping your back in a straight position and standing stable.
Additional exercise instructions

With the Sand-Pad exercise Smashing athletes can really work off their energy. During the exercise you smash the Sand-Pad on the floor.

Related Sand-Pad exercises

Front Staby

The Sand-Pad exercise Front Staby trains the core muscles. During the exercise, the whole trunk is under high tension.

Roll-out Slide

In the Sand-Pad exercise Roll-out Slide you use the Sand-Pad on a smooth floor as a slider. You train many trunk muscles while extending your arms. When you pull back the Sand-Pad you mainly work on your abdominal muscles, chest and shoulders.


The Sand-Pad exercise Siderotation strengthens all core muscles with focus on the lateral abdominal muscles. The Siderotation is a very dynamic exercise and therefore very effective for a warm-up program.


The Sand-Pad exercise Sidestaby strengthens all core muscles and mainly the lateral part of the abdominal muscles and the hip muscles.

Recrunch Slide

In the Sand-Pad exercise Recrunch Slide you use the Sand-Pad as a slide on a smooth floor. Because of the bending and stretching of the legs in the push-up position, this exercise activates many core muscles. While bending the legs the abdominal muscles, the hip flexors and thigh muscles are activated.


In the Sand-Pad exercise Rotation you turn the Sand-Pad from side to side. This exercise improves your abdominal muscles in a very effective way.