Front staby with the Sand-Pad

  • Degree of Difficulty 60% 60%

Sand-Pad Rumpftraining Sand-Pad Core-Training Plank

Short Description
  1. Push-up position with forearms laying on the Sand-Pad.
  2. Lift one leg in a parallel to the floor.
  3. Lower leg.
  4. Raise the other leg and try to train with both legs alternately.
Long Description
  1. You are in a push-up position and your forearms rest on the Sand-Pad. Your hands hold each other. The angle in your elbow should be 90°. Back, buttocks and legs form a line.
  2. Lift one leg from the floor and the tension in your whole body will raise. Try to tense your back and abdominal muscles. Keep the leg extended.
  3. Lower the lifted leg again.
  4. Lift the other leg and train with both legs alternately to prevent a one-sidedness of the workout.
Keep your back in a straight position and prevent a hollow back. Always tense your buttocks and your abdominal muscles.
Additional exercise instructions

The Sand-Pad exercise Front Staby trains the core muscles. During the exercise, the whole trunk is under high tension.

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In the Sand-Pad exercise Roll-out Slide you use the Sand-Pad on a smooth floor as a slider. You train many trunk muscles while extending your arms. When you pull back the Sand-Pad you mainly work on your abdominal muscles, chest and shoulders.


With the Sand-Pad exercise Smashing athletes can really work off their energy. During the exercise you smash the Sand-Pad on the floor.


The Sand-Pad exercise Siderotation strengthens all core muscles with focus on the lateral abdominal muscles. The Siderotation is a very dynamic exercise and therefore very effective for a warm-up program.


The Sand-Pad exercise Sidestaby strengthens all core muscles and mainly the lateral part of the abdominal muscles and the hip muscles.

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In the Sand-Pad exercise Recrunch Slide you use the Sand-Pad as a slide on a smooth floor. Because of the bending and stretching of the legs in the push-up position, this exercise activates many core muscles. While bending the legs the abdominal muscles, the hip flexors and thigh muscles are activated.


In the Sand-Pad exercise Rotation you turn the Sand-Pad from side to side. This exercise improves your abdominal muscles in a very effective way.