Kettlebell shoulder exercises

Kettlebell training for the shoulder. With the Smashbell you can perform all the classic kettlebell exercises. The Smashbell is especially useful for learning the complex exercises Snatch and Clean.


The Snatch is a complex kettlebell exercise for the whole body. The back of the thigh and the shoulder muscles are primarily trained.

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Lift One Arm

The kettlebell exercise One Arm Shoulder Press is a classic exercise for strengthening the shoulder muscles, as well as training the triceps.

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Lift One Arm Handle

The kettlebell exercise Lift One Arm Handle trains primarily the Shoulder Muscles. With this variation, the Smashbell is held on the handle.

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Reverse Fly

The kettlebell exercise Reverse Fly is an important exercise for the back shoulder muscles. The exercise should first be performed with light weight and can be increased slowly.

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Front Lift

Pull the shoulder blades together during the entire exercise so that the shoulders don’t roll forward.

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