Crunch with balanced legs on the Sand-Pad

  • Degree of Difficulty 60% 60%

Sand-Pad Training für den unteren Bauch
Intense ab workout with Sand-Pad

Short Description
  1. Sit down on the Sand-Pad. Raise your upper body and pull your knees.
  2. Extend your legs forwards.
  3. Pull your legs towards yourself again.
Long Description
  1. In the initial position you sit on the Sand-Pad. The upper part of your body is raised and your lower back is in a straight position. Hold your arms laterally and close to your body or with your hands to the temples. Your legs are raised and pulled inwards, so that you can keep your body in balance. Try to bend your legs by about 90°.
  2. Extend your legs from the position explained above. That movement leads to a high load on your abdominal muscles. Try to hold the position with your legs extended shortly above the floor for about one second.
  3. Pull back your legs to the body.
Try to hold your lower back in a straight position. The longer you hold your extended legs and the lower above the floor, the more effective the exercise.
Additional exercise instructions

The Sand-Pad exercise Balanced Legs stimulates a growth of the abdominal muscles. During the exercise you need to keep balance and therefore you also train the lateral abdominal muscles. The dynamic spreading and squatting of the legs leads you to different loads on the abdominal muscles.

Related Sand-Pad exercises


The Sand-Pad exercise Siderotation strengthens all core muscles with focus on the lateral abdominal muscles. The Siderotation is a very dynamic exercise and therefore very effective for a warm-up program.


The Sand-Pad exercise Sidestaby strengthens all core muscles and mainly the lateral part of the abdominal muscles and the hip muscles.


The Sand-Pad exercise Crunch is a typical exercise to train the abdominal muscles. The higher the weight of the Sand-Pad, the higher the tension in the abdominal muscles.

Recrunch Slide

In the Sand-Pad exercise Recrunch Slide you use the Sand-Pad as a slide on a smooth floor. Because of the bending and stretching of the legs in the push-up position, this exercise activates many core muscles. While bending the legs the abdominal muscles, the hip flexors and thigh muscles are activated.


In the Sand-Pad exercise Sit-up you use the Sand-Pad as an additional weight. The difficulty raises when you hold the Pad with your arms extended.


In the Sand-Pad exercise Rotation you turn the Sand-Pad from side to side. This exercise improves your abdominal muscles in a very effective way.