Suspension Trainer Exercises

The suspension training has a very special effect on the muscles of the body. The training improves especially the coordination, the interaction of the muscles and the body balance. Your body is your training weight thus the torso and back muscles must be constantly tense. The suspension training is an effective core training.

Lower Back Swing

This exercise trains the posterior ischiocrural muscles, the buttocks and the lower back. It requires a lot of body tension.

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The ischiocrural musculature is significantly involved in the straightening of the hip and the flexion in the knee. Besides of the ischiocrural muscles, the rump muscles get stressed as well.

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Squat one-legged

The one-legged squat requires a good stability and balance of the supporting leg. By lowering the buttocks backward, the knee joint (patella) is relieved and the muscles get specifically trained.

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