Kettlebell core exercises

Holistic core training with the Gymbox Smashbell. Train your core and thus your entire body stability. Particularly rotation exercises provide the basis for a body which is capable of developing his force from the inside out.

Balance Bent Over

The exercise Balance Bent Over with the Smashbell not only trains body balance but also the back of the thighs and the stomach muscles.

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Circle Catch

The Circle Catch is a kettlebell exercise that works the trunk muscles very well. The side ab muscles are trained the strongest.

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Wood Choppers

With the kettebell exercise Wood Choppers, the movement of swinging an ax is imitated to train primarily the trunk and stomach muscles.

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Around the Leg

The Kettlebell exercise Around the Leg trains primarily the side abdominals. The buttocks and back of the thighs are also used in the exercise.

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Around the Head

The exercise Around the Head with the Smashbell trains primarily the rotator cuffs. The circular movement of this exercise helps to increase the mobility in the shoulder area.

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