Deadlift with the Sandbag

  • Degree of Difficulty 30% 30%

Sandbag Kreuzheben
Pull Sandbag with your legs first then with your back

Short Description
  1. Upper body slightly bend forward. Hold the Sandbag with extended arms shortly above the floor.
  2. Extend your legs and move your hip to the front to lift the Sandbag.
  3. Bend your legs and bring back the buttocks to lower the Sandbag again.
Long Description
  1. In the initial position your feet are shoulder-wide apart. Your toes are pointing to the front or slightly to the sides. Bend your legs in the knee joints, that you are able to grab the Sandbag on the floor. The back is in a straight position and bent forward. Extend your buttock backwards.
  2. Lift the Sandbag supported by the thigh muscles and the lower back muscles. Therefore extend the legs and move the hip to the front (hip-drive). The back keeps a straight position an maintains the body tension at all times. Lift the Sandbag close to the body until the upper body is in a normal, upright position.
  3. Maintain your body tension and move back your buttock to lower the Sandbag again. Get back into the initial position.
Keep your back in a straight position throughout the exercise. Only move in your knees and hip.
Additional exercise instructions

The Sandbag exercise Deadlift is a classical exercise that stimulates the lower back muscles and the back of the thighs.

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