Gymbox Sand-pad

Sandfilled pillow as training device

With the Gymbox Sand-Pad you have an innovative funcrional fitness tool. The Sand-Pad demands several abilities such as coordination, grip force, agility and speed.

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Gymbox Sand Pad


  • Works out grip force in particular
  • Adapted for supporting, slidingand throwing
  • Different models from 2kg to 12kg (4lbs to 26lbs)

The Gymbox® SAND-PAD is a new innovative workout weight. Made of stretchy neoprene the workout experience is much more tactile than traditional workout weights or slides.

Gymbox Sand-Pad presentation
Gymbox Sand-Pad as slider

The SAND-PAD can be used on the ground, both as a weight as well as a support or a „slider“. The PAD is very easy to fill with sand. The SAND-PAD especially encourages positive grip force during exercise.

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