The functions of the Gymbox are highly innovative

The straps of the Gymbox can be completely rolled-up and –out. The roll-up and braking system is patent-registered.

  • if not in use the straps of the Gymbox disappear completely in its box.
  • The straps always remain in equal length
  • The straps can be adjusted between minimum and maximum length within
  • Allows one-handed mode without any adjustments
  • saferworkout, the straps are always blocked an secured by a sensor
  • Exercises can be performed way easier becaus the Gymbox training can be defined more exactly

By pressing the X-Button the straps will be released and become adjustable in length. The straps will be drawn-in by a spring automatically. Let go the Button to block the straps.

Flexible connectors

More training tools can be attached using a carabineer. Asides the classic grip-loop, bars and loops can be used for an advanced training experience .