Gymbox is the ideal Suspension Trainer for Gyms!gymbox-frame-training

Your benefits:

  • fixed installation of the Gymbox e.g. at frames, at walls or suspension devices – incl. anti-theft system
  • simple handling adjust the lenght of the straps by pressing the X-Button
  • enables effective and innovative workout with your own body weight only
  • defined, marked strap length, this allows your members to adjust the lenght of the straps exactly for an according excercise
  • beautiful design of the box, which integrates unobtrusively in your studio
  • fully retracted straps into the box, if the Suspension Trainer is not required this allows for other devices to be used under the suspension point.


The Gymbox offers a variety of extraordinary advantages to owners of  health clubs and fitness institutions. It allows an
effective and innovative workout only with body weight.

Courses, workout area or personal training – the possibilities are unlimited. Variosports offers a well-polished marketing concept and thus the investment in one of our products becomes a profitable success for each enterprise.


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