Mounting advice – Quick Guide


Be sure to read the detailed information on the exact procedure for different masonry.
For this please refer to the enclosed assembly instructions in the mounting kit.


Create drill holes depending on masonry with appropriate technology (see enclosed installation instructions).
Clean the drill holes conscientiously!
Insert the perforated sleeves flush into the drill holes.
Fill all holes in one operation free of bubbles. (for the mortar capacity, refer to the supplied installation instructions).Siebhülse-9392-16x85-H
Insert the anchor sleeves with a slight twist until the meet the base of the perforated sleeves.Ankerhülse-9392-11x85-E
Use screws according to the prescriped curing time (refer to supplied installation instructions) for fixing the Gymbox.Schraube-912-2-6x60Schraubenkopf-912-2-6x60-