Kettlebell legs exercises

The legs and the buttocks are often trained together. They form a large proportion of the total musculature. With the Smashbell you can perform all the classic kettlebell exercises.

Overhead Squat

The Overhead Squat with the kettlebell is an exercise for the legs and buttocks. The long upward stretched arms add an additional difficulty.

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Turning Clean

Turning Clean is a complex kettlebell exercise, which primarily works the back of the thigh (hamstring) and the lower back.

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Overhead Squat Front

The exercise Overhead Squat Front trains not only the leg muscles but also the shoulders with the arm lift.

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Front Side Squat

The Front Side Squat is an exercise with the Smashbell that strengthens the legs statically. The upperbody is also trained by the trunk rotation.

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Squat Push

The Squat Push is a Kettlebell exercise that trains the legs statically. The arm muscles and body balance is trained additionally through the pushing motion.

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Squat Front

Classic squats with the Smashbell as a weight. The exercise trains primarily the buttocks muscles and the front of the thigh.

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